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Blackhead removal

Hello Beauty Addicts, the holidays arrived. And for the blackhead removal mask users I have great news. But, before we start discussing the blackhead removal peeling, I have to put a few words on the daily skin care routine. Also, I will take this opportunity to quote a line from my favorite TV show, Game of Thrones. Pretty sure that among those who read this, there is a fan of this popular masterpiece. Winter is coming! And while we wait the last season, why not treat ourselves with amazing beauty tips.

Maintaining a healthy and good looking skin through the winter is a very hard task. The cold and the extremely low temperatures can affect our skin unpleasantly. Therefore, before going out, it is very important to protect your skin as same as covering your body. First of all, and most importantly is to remove all the impurities and dead skin cells. In this way, You will prepare your skin to be resistant to bad external influences.

Skin regeneration can only be done by using a facial mask with a peeling effect. The peel-off effect will remove your blackheads and whiteheads, which in fact are clogged pores. The only product that can do both is a blackhead removal mask. And that is my surprise for You in this late November article. A purifying peel-off blackhead removal mask with 100% positive effect on your skin. It is about Black Mask product from Crystal Secret beauty company. Additionally, here is the link of the Crystal Facebook page, and you will be able to found out everything you need about this facial product:

Blackhead removal

Winter skin care 

As can be seen, I have pointed at first place a blackhead removal treatment. But why is that so significant in the daily skin routine. Applying any kind of skin moisturizer will be useless if your skin is not peeled from time to time. Skin vitality is equally important as the use of nutritious lotions or UV factor protecting creams. Absorption power is at the highest level when the skin is regenerated.

Fun fact: Your skin is changing constantly, actually, the skin is regenerating itself every twenty seven days. That is why, the proper skin care is essential to keep the skin layer healthy and radiant. Get rid of your clogged pores, blackheads and any types of impurities. You will notice a youthful look on your skin, and you will no longer need many cosmetic products. My personal recommendation will be this:

Use the Crystal Secret blackhead removal mask once a week. Apply it on a perfectly clear skin. In order to achieve the best results you must open your pores properly. The cheapest and the easiest way would be a face steaming at your home. Boil some water in a cooking pan and add a few rosemary dried plants. Steam your face approximately ten minutes, dry your skin and then apply the mask. After the blackhead mask you can clean your face by putting on some toner. Best face to apply a face toner to the skin is on a damp cotton pad. Before going out on cold weather, smear out your favorite day cream.


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